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Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing in Shaganappi 

Successful communities encourage a diversity of socio-economic groups.  As our community densifies, we would welcome agencies that seeks to offer affordable housing to a variety of individuals and families. Ideally, there would be a variety of clients within the residence so as to lead to better integration within the community. Because of the excellent local school and closeness to recreation spaces and playgrounds, our area is especially well suited to families. The Barbara Mitchell Centre, operated by The Salvation Army, is an invaluable community resource in Shaganappi for those seeking assistance and programming to develop skills.  We are also within walking distance of the Good Companions Centre, which caters to seniors. The Shaganappi Community Association is willing to work with agencies to increase awareness and potentially find nearby volunteers to help residents integrate with their new community.  

We expect that interested agencies would follow the recommended steps outlined in the Canadian Housing First Toolkit for public consultation. As with any development, our expectation is for honest, transparent, two-way dialogue and a thoughtful approach to articulating the merits of ideas.  Public engagement sessions should include affected residents and neighbours, member of the community at large, members of the Community Association, and our City councilor.  We require a Good Neighbour Agreement and a residence liaison for larger residences to ensure success of the building as a longstanding part of the neighbourhood. 

Additional Resources

If you are seeking further guidance on the steps for engaging with the Shaganappi Community Association, please review the following document which outlines a framework for developing an affordable housing project in Shaganappi.

Get in Touch

Finally, if you have additional questions or are looking to start engaging with the community association, please contact us at

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