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There are lots of ways you can help out and get involved in your community – and we are always looking for helping hands. For example, you could volunteer to help at an event; take part in the community clean-up; join the Board; or take on a position specified below. Or perhaps you have ideas of activities or events you’d like to see happen in your community. Please share them!

We appreciate how ever much or little time you have to give. It’s fun and a great way of getting to know people in your community. If you’d like to volunteer, we’d love to hear from you, contact us at

If you are already a member of the Shaganappi Community Association, you can also manage your volunteer preferences from Street Beat and we will contact you as needed. 

Open Volunteer Position


If you are looking to get more involved with the community association but not sure where to start, we have a number of positions we are looking to fill. If you're interested, let us know! 

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Business Partnerships Lead

Membership Committee

As the Business Membership Lead, you will help set the strategy for how the community association can work with Local Businesses to increase the value provided for community association members, and our local businesses. 

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Communication Strategist

Strategy Committee

As the communication strategist, you will help guide how the Shaganappi Community Association digests and distributes information to its membership and affiliates such as the City of Calgary, local businesses and developers, through a variety of technologies including E-mail, Website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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