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Planning to Build in Shaganappi?

In addition to being located close to downtown and the Bow River, Shaganappi features great recreation spaces, local amenities and businesses, multiple quality restaurants, two LRT stations, direct connections to the regional bike network, and a thriving elementary public school.  All of these factors make Shaganappi an ideal community to live in.  Our community has developed an excellent reputation for working with quality developers and City staff to facilitate consultation that leads to the best outcome for all involved.  

Existing Planning Initiatives for Shaganappi

Recently, our community has undergone significant consultation with the City to formulate our portion of the Westbrook Local Area Plan, as well as an overall vision and zoning strategy for 17th Avenue and the streets branching off of it as part of the Main Streets initiative.  Applications that meet the parameters set forth by these standards already agreed to by the community will be positively received.

The Value of Good Design

We recognize that the Land Use Regulations and Guidelines cannot cover all the possibilities and solutions for achieving a high standard of design and development. As such, we are willing to enter into two-way discussions with proponents to find mutually beneficial solutions for all concerned; we value high quality design that will enhance Shaganappi as a desirable place to live and further a wider community interest.

Engage with Shaganappi

In addition to the notification requirements set forth by the City of Calgary, we would like to make the following recommendations in terms of public consultation when developing in our neighbourhood.  We recognize that public engagement is not a requirement set forth by the City; nevertheless, we have had multiple occasions to engage with developers as it is now commonly accepted as a best practice.  Based on that experience, we would like to suggest the following:

For In-fills, Duplexes, and Multi-Family developments of up to four units -

We advise reaching out to the neighbours on all sides of the site (including across the alley and street when applicable).  Establishing a relationship early in the project’s timeline and providing a way to connect with project managers should issues arise during construction can lead to a better process for everyone.

Multi-family buildings greater than four units that may or may not have a commercial use -

Have the potential to significantly alter the streetscape and traffic. If you would like to proactively meet with affected neighbours to propose your project and gather feedback on an application, we can facilitate an engagement opportunity.


To assist in this, we have a designated monthly evening where our community hall is available for public consultation on development projects.  Please contact us at so a member of the Development Committee can reach out to you to determine the next availability.  We are able to advertise to our members about development engagement sessions via email.  As not all residents are members of the community association, we recommend you advertise by mail, provide brochures, have a website, and prepare email communication that we can distribute that facilitates direct feedback for adjacent and affected neighbours.  We ask that prominent signage on the site be provided to direct those interested to more information. 

As a community association, we see engagement with the adjacent residents and businesses that will be most impacted by a proposed project as the highest priority.  We expect, and will facilitate, two-way dialogue between residents and developers.  Thoughtful developers can articulate the merits of their ideas and how their project will enhance our community, and informed and knowledgeable residents can improve outcomes for a project.

Additional Resources

If you are seeking further guidance on the steps for engaging with the Shaganappi Community Association, please review the document in link to the right which outlines some additional considerations for developing in Shaganappi.

Full Community Zoning - Section 18C T24 R1 W5

(Constantly Changing - Please Check Back For Updated Map)

City Policy Resources - Shaganappi

Crowchild Trail Resources – Detailed Plans

Development Resources – Zoning Maps - Download

Westbrook Local Area Plan

(Effective April 25, 2023)

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