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Courts are open


The tennis court is provided for the use of Shaganappi Community Association members only. If you are not a current member, you can click here to purchase/renew your membership. The code to the courts is given once a membership is purchased, and made available on the member site.


Please note that non-residents of Shaganappi are both required and able to sign up for a membership too. Your contributions help the association and its volunteers update maintain all facilities including the tennis court, hall, basketball court, and of course the skating rink!

Rules and Guidelines


It's great to see so many people out enjoying the tennis courts! Please keep in mind that the courts are not available for reservation, nor for exclusive use. It’s first come, first served, and all players have a time limit.

There is surveillance imaging of the courts, so the amount of time a court has been occupied can be verified by other members who are waiting to play.

To ensure everyone can enjoy this community resource please abide by a few simple rules:

  1. Tennis is the only activity allowed on courts.

  2. Non-Marking running shoes ONLY. Rollerblades, skateboards, bikes etc. are NOT allowed on the courts.

  3. Limit your play to 45 minutes for singles and 1 hour for doubles. If no one is waiting to use the courts, you may play longer but you MUST vacate the courts for new players if you have been playing longer than 45 minutes for singles and 1 hour for doubles.

  4. Tennis courts are for community members only. Please do not provide the tennis court door code to anyone for any reason. If a member forgets the code they may log on to the membership website and retrieve the code themselves, or they may contact the membership director who will confirm the membership is up to date before issuing the code.

  5. PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK. Shaganappi Community Association is not responsible for any injury or for lost or stolen property. By entering the courts you hereby release Shaganappi Community Association from all liabilities or potential liabilities.

Also please consider playing doubles if it works with the timing of your arrivals and your respective skill levels. What a great way to meet other members of the community.

Please ensure you follow the letter and spirit of the rules and everyone will have fun.

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