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Responsible Pet Ownership in Parks

Responsible Pet Ownership in Parks

With spring in the air, dog owners are enjoying spending time with their family, friends and pets outdoors. Knowing and adhering to the regulations in the Pet licences and responsible pet ownership ( bylaw 23M2006 will help ensure that dogs are not being a nuisance in the community, and dogs and citizens are safe.

Calgary Community Standards would like to remind dog owners of the following:

  • When off of their owner’s property, dogs must be on a leash unless in a designated off-leash area

  • When in designated off-leash areas, dog owners must ensure their dog is under control, and is within their sight and responds to commands

  • Parking lots adjacent to off-leash areas are on leash

  • Owners are responsible for picking up all waste produced by their dog

  • Dogs are not allowed in school grounds, playgrounds, sport fields, golf courses, cemeteries, wading and swimming areas, and other areas prohibited by signs

  • Dogs must be walked on the right hand side of the pathway on a leash that is no more than two meters in length and must not interfere with other pathway users

  • Owners cannot cycle, in-line skate or skateboard on a pathway with a leashed dog

  • Dogs must not enter or swim in any body of water within a park except a river that runs through, or is adjacent to, a City park

Have and wear an animal licensing services ( after 3 months of age When we respect the bylaw we contribute to a safer and healthier community. Thank you for being responsible dog owners and valued community partners. The City of Calgary’s Off-Leash Ambassador program ( in Community Standards is a volunteer-led approach to educate citizens about responsible pet ownership in our 150 public off-leash areas.

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